To Swim Or Not To Swim!

Author: star gazer

I remember it was a hot summer day in August and we had this one resident that was confined to her wheelchair. The community room had a huge picture window that had this dynamic view of the swimming pool. I just happened to glance outside and the resident that was wheelchair confined was attempting to get into the pool. Nothing was going to stop her. She was bound and determined. Our poor lifeguard was just beside herself, realizing the liability this resident was creating for her. Of course the resident was getting upset because our lifeguard would not accommodate her desire. Needless to say, she managed to get into the pool and bobbed around for a few minutes and we had to call 911 to pull her out. What extraordinary measures we take to cool off and be the center of attention!!!!!!!!

Glass of Wine Anyone???

Author: star gazer

Everyone must remember our famous baseball team “The Chiefs.” It just so happened that it was baseball season and we had quite a few of the players rent seasonal apartments. On this particular day, I needed to do a move-in inspection for one of the players that had moved in over the weekend. I knocked on the door and a voice from inside asked me who I was and to enter. Well, lo and behold this player had on nothing but a towel and a glass of wine in his hand. (Red wine) maybe a California merlot? I, of course calmly asked him to sign the move-in inspection and OMG his towel dropped. I was there standing trying to avoid looking waist down. He asked me if I would like to join him in sharing a glass of wine. I thanked him, oh so kindly, and hurried to get out, while tripping on the doorway threshold with my ass in the air. I was more embarrassed by my action than his. I must say, now that I think about it, he really was easy on the eyes…….

[audio:]Sometimes you just have to shake your head when it comes to tenant disputes.  Now, I have a property with three units.  The second floor tenant has been making a lot of noise, her guests have been rude to the other tenants, and she has been having at parties all hours of the night.  This has been going on almost two weeks.  The third floor tenant (who recently called code on me because the hallway had trash in it – another story) called to complain last week and I spoke to the second floor tenant about the noise.  Apparently tonight it boiled over.  This video was shot at night so it’s not the clearest but the audio speaks volumes.  Read the rest of this entry »

Nasty is as Nasty does!

Author: biggasista

There is a difference between dirty, sloppy, cluttered, and plain old nasty.  If you live nasty, you are nasty and therefore act nasty.  If this is all true then I have a story for you.  I have a tenant who has a nasty attitude, a nasty lifestyle and a very nasty mouth.  Of course she is getting evicted after calling code on us for a roach infestation , having no heat and missing smoke detectors.  First of all you live like a pig! If you keep food out, don’t wash dishes, never clean and throw the trash on the floor – is it any surprise you have roaches??  If you keep ripping the t-stat off the wall is it any surprise you don’t have heat?  If you knocked down all the smoke detectors is it a surprise you can’t find them now?  But yet you have the nerve to call code . . . .  Let’s be clear YOUR RENT WAS NOT PAID – YOU HAD NO INTENTIONS OF PAYING IT – SO CALL CODE AND BUY SOME TIME!! Read the rest of this entry »

Please Don’t Kill The Kitty

Author: tempodiaries

Many cultures have no problem with killing and eating cats, dogs, rats and other animals.  However in NY it is not allowed, at least not in residential homes.  The challenge is explaining that to people who come from other countries to live here in the states.  Now as a landlord I use translators to get this point across.  Most times things work out fine but sometimes not so much . . . . let me explain.   In this particular neighborhood there were many stray cats wondering the premises, basements full with cat urine were not uncommon and animal hoarders were plentiful.  Read the rest of this entry »