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2:30 in the morning I get the call from a frantic tenant.  He says “car in living room come now!”  Twenty minutes later this is what I see:  Firemen, police, tenants, random people and a car right through the front of my property.  So this is how my Friday night is meant to be come to find out it was a drunk driver who lost control while making a turn.  No one was hurt and the drunk driver actually came and apologized saying the brakes went out just before the police hauled him off. I am now left with the task of filling out paper work, finding a place for the tenants to stay and getting a crew out here to board up this house. All at 4 in the morning. Just great….

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Squatters are taking over!

Author: biggasista

Squatters take over!

Every once in a while you get a squatter who thinks they are a tenant. Well I had about four squatters in two apartments who had completely taken over. Apparently one of my mentally handicapped tenants got locked up and some bum got the tenants keys. The tenants sister says she did not give keys to anyone, but who can you really trust in this situation….. The mental tenant, the squatter or the sister? Read the rest of this entry »

Please Don’t Kill The Kitty

Author: tempodiaries

Many cultures have no problem with killing and eating cats, dogs, rats and other animals.  However in NY it is not allowed, at least not in residential homes.  The challenge is explaining that to people who come from other countries to live here in the states.  Now as a landlord I use translators to get this point across.  Most times things work out fine but sometimes not so much . . . . let me explain.   In this particular neighborhood there were many stray cats wondering the premises, basements full with cat urine were not uncommon and animal hoarders were plentiful.  Read the rest of this entry »