Squatters are taking over!

Author: biggasista

Squatters take over!

Every once in a while you get a squatter who thinks they are a tenant. Well I had about four squatters in two apartments who had completely taken over. Apparently one of my mentally handicapped tenants got locked up and some bum got the tenants keys. The tenants sister says she did not give keys to anyone, but who can you really trust in this situation….. The mental tenant, the squatter or the sister?

Anyway for the past week and change other tenants have been complaining that someone tried to break into their apartment, windows kept being broken, the front door was kicked in and there were a lot of strange people hanging around the property. It seemed odd that all these things were happening at the very same time. Upon further investigation it was determined that several men were living in the two vacant properties. One set of men had keys the other set just broke the window.

Now, things really hit the fan when my property manager went to the building to tell these squatters they had to move out. Well, the set living in the vacant house vandalized the pick up, broke the window, stole items from the truck and ran. The other set came outside – one man was pissing drunk the other had a towel wrapped around him and both were yelling because we had no right to kick them out.

Are you serious? You are trespassing, you have vandalized the building, you have no lease and no right to this apartment. They got very angry but packed up their stuff (well I think it was their stuff), took all the food out the fridge (nothing but beers), put all their clothes in a plastic bag and said they would be back for the couch and tv!  That stuff doesn’t even belong to you. Now you are committing theft along with all the other criminal activity you have committed.

But the kicker. The squatter asked me if they are going to get rent back that was paid for the month. What . . Rent? You don’t live here and have not paid any rent. You have been free loading off of someone who is in jail! I kindly asked them for the keys and they tell me

“I left them at my other house, I can bring them in the morning when I come to get the rest of my stuff. I have to get a Uhaul to move!”

Really . . Your other house. . . A Uhaul? I kindly looked at the police officer and told him to get this idiot off my property. Then I find out one of the squatters (the one wrapped in a towel) is the stepfather to another tenant in the same building. I found this out because he (the towel squatter) moved all his stuff into his son’s apartment. I mean come on, you can’t have your father squatting in the apartment across from you and not know anything about it. When I asked the tenant about his step father he responded “I thought he was helping them (the squatter) house sit.” I must have stupid stamped on my forehead because I didn’t know we had house sitters in the hood. I swore they were called squatters!

Needless to say if you have vacant buildings keep a close eye on them.  Winter is upon us and everyone, even a squatter, wants to get out of the cold!

Rest in Wealth . . . . .

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  1. Rob Hayes Says:

    I really enjoyed this blog. Dealing with squatters can be such a frustrating experience. They break a window or door…you get them out and fix the damage. But than the next time you come back, they’ve broken right back in. I suppose it’s just more evidence of how costly vacancies can be for real estate investors. Good luck with your squatters.

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