Tenants who live like animals!!

Author: biggasista

So, I have seen some nasty tenants. I even wrote about one of them in this blog. I thought I had seen it all but I was wrong. I have a tenant who recently moved out. She has eight kids!!! When I went to do the move out inspection I was shocked beyond belief. How could a person, a woman with little children live in such conditions. The apartment was wrecked, not even the mice wanted to stay there. It was so bad that I just boarded up the unit until I could figure out how to tackle it. A month later, I get the guys and the dumpster and get it cleaned out. Don’t you know the ex-tenant shows up and curses us out because we are throwing her things out. She claims she came to get her belongings.

Really??? What in this apartment did she think was worth taking. It’s been a month and now you want to get stuff. I looked at her like she was crazy. Then she said she was going to sue us for the loss of her personal property. I knew then she was crazy – I told her to go ahead – she had abandoned the building, failed to give a 30 day notice, left the place a disaster and had been gone for over a month. I can’t wait to show her attorney these pictures! I wonder how much the attorney would say her things were worth. I would give her a dollar!!!

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  1. Alicia Says:

    Wow, that’s terrible, whoa, you have a lot of work to do LOL! What, wait a minute….that’s my house! What the (bleep) Pure ratchettness and a shame.

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