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[audio:] It seems never ending but also never dull. Ok, so I filed with my attorney to evict a tenant back in April. Now evictions take 2 weeks before the Marshall comes and serves the warrant. This particular tenant I believe is loose in the head and possibly bi-polar. I was warned not to move her in, but I was trying to help someone out. I should have listened, because from day one its been problems. This tenant has not paid her rent, has a dog on the premises which is a complete violation of her lease. She brought bed bugs to the property – I paid to have it exterminated and serviced; even gave her the exterminators information so she could set up appointments directly. The neighbors are calling me saying there is trash all around the property, the police are there every few days, she is spitting and cursing out their guest, and they want to move if something is not done about this. Every week we get a call in the office with her cursing me, the office manager or the property manager out. Then the next day she is all nice and sweet like it never happened. Read the rest of this entry »