[audio:http://thelandlorddiaries.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/TenantGoesIn.mp3] It seems never ending but also never dull. Ok, so I filed with my attorney to evict a tenant back in April. Now evictions take 2 weeks before the Marshall comes and serves the warrant. This particular tenant I believe is loose in the head and possibly bi-polar. I was warned not to move her in, but I was trying to help someone out. I should have listened, because from day one its been problems. This tenant has not paid her rent, has a dog on the premises which is a complete violation of her lease. She brought bed bugs to the property – I paid to have it exterminated and serviced; even gave her the exterminators information so she could set up appointments directly. The neighbors are calling me saying there is trash all around the property, the police are there every few days, she is spitting and cursing out their guest, and they want to move if something is not done about this. Every week we get a call in the office with her cursing me, the office manager or the property manager out. Then the next day she is all nice and sweet like it never happened. Well, I got fed up and decided enough was enough. I filed for eviction, called the attorney a week later to find out the status – she claims she never got the order. Ok I send it again, then they goto court – supposedly the tenant gets three weeks to move out? Very strange to me – this has never happened before. When the date for her to be out passes (of course she is still in the property), I call the attorney to schedule the marshall – she says she will get right on it. A week later the tenant still has not been served. Strange, I’m confused as to whats the hold up? After several calls to the attorney the notice is served (two weeks late) but no one knows when the marshall is suppose to come. Mind you all this time I have not heard from the tenant at all. I am completley at a loss as to why this eviction is taking well over a month to occurr (this story I’ll save for later). Anyway, the day the tenant acutally got served I got cursed out via telephone message. This was nothing new to me coming from this tenant but she really went in. Then naturally the next day she calls back and is as sweet as sugar and proceeds to ask me to help her by coming to exterminate and giving her extra time before she has to move! REALLY The balls on this chic is ridiculous. It was as if we were the best of friends again – she wanted me to come over and talk. I did, shit why not? I get there and she ask me to help her find a house, she wants a rent to own! I’m looking at her with her clothes so tight her belly has nothing else to do but hang over, I’m looking at the kids and see no sign of bed bugs, I’m starting to think I’m crazy. I tell her “look the Marshall will be here tomorrow please have your things packed up and the exterminator will come spray before you place your things in the truck.” So now it’s time for the actual eviction . . . . . . . .

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