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Nasty is as Nasty does!

Author: biggasista

There is a difference between dirty, sloppy, cluttered, and plain old nasty.  If you live nasty, you are nasty and therefore act nasty.  If this is all true then I have a story for you.  I have a tenant who has a nasty attitude, a nasty lifestyle and a very nasty mouth.  Of course she is getting evicted after calling code on us for a roach infestation , having no heat and missing smoke detectors.  First of all you live like a pig! If you keep food out, don’t wash dishes, never clean and throw the trash on the floor – is it any surprise you have roaches??  If you keep ripping the t-stat off the wall is it any surprise you don’t have heat?  If you knocked down all the smoke detectors is it a surprise you can’t find them now?  But yet you have the nerve to call code . . . .  Let’s be clear YOUR RENT WAS NOT PAID – YOU HAD NO INTENTIONS OF PAYING IT – SO CALL CODE AND BUY SOME TIME!! Read the rest of this entry »

Please Don’t Kill The Kitty

Author: tempodiaries

Many cultures have no problem with killing and eating cats, dogs, rats and other animals.  However in NY it is not allowed, at least not in residential homes.  The challenge is explaining that to people who come from other countries to live here in the states.  Now as a landlord I use translators to get this point across.  Most times things work out fine but sometimes not so much . . . . let me explain.   In this particular neighborhood there were many stray cats wondering the premises, basements full with cat urine were not uncommon and animal hoarders were plentiful.  Read the rest of this entry »


I’m not one to knock anyone’s hustle, but there comes a time when enough is enough.  Now this tenant runs a barber shop on the corner of a very high traffic area.  They have established themselves over the years and do quite well.  Of course like with many barber shops; barbers come and go, there tends to be a lot of hanging out in the shop, a great deal of smack and harsh words get thrown around.  It’s a barbershop – so no surprise there.  All was relatively well until . . . . .  around 11:00pm one night I get a call “there was an accident and a car has gone through the barbershop.”  Read the rest of this entry »