Please Don’t Kill The Kitty

Author: tempodiaries

Many cultures have no problem with killing and eating cats, dogs, rats and other animals.  However in NY it is not allowed, at least not in residential homes.  The challenge is explaining that to people who come from other countries to live here in the states.  Now as a landlord I use translators to get this point across.  Most times things work out fine but sometimes not so much . . . . let me explain.   In this particular neighborhood there were many stray cats wondering the premises, basements full with cat urine were not uncommon and animal hoarders were plentiful. 

Within one season things began to change.  I started getting phone calls from neighbors that all the neighborhood cats were gone, they hear cats crying out into the night and there was a smell in the air that was very disturbing.  I didn’t pay it much mind and wrote it off to people talking crazy.  Shortly after I received a call forcing me to realize that we might have a problem.  This call was not from a neighbor but an actual tenant who claimed they went through the other tenants garbage and found a cat skull and bones in the trash and that they also heard the cats crying as they were being boiled to death.  It was time for me to investigate.  I went to the property and the tenant met me at the door to tell the story in detail.  I asked for the evidence but was told the police came and took the trash and will open up an investigation.  I couldn’t speak to the accused tenants as they spoke no english and I did not have a translator on hand.  But this time I documented the incident and notified the translator to tell the tenants if they are engaging in any animal cruelty they must stop it immediately because it is against the law in this country.  Nothing more seemed to come of it except the monthly complaints from the tenant saying they were still “cooking cats.”

Shortly after another phone call came from a completely different tenant in another building stating the tenants above her were killing animals in the back hallway.  Naturally I went to do my investigation.  Upon my arrival the smell of sewage hit my nose – damn they had a sewage backup that no one bothered to call in about.  Okay so I call the plumber – he comes over, goes in the basement pumps out the water, snakes out the drain and chemical flush the basement floors.  Then he tells me “you are good to go. the drain line was plugged with some kind of feathers???”  Ughhh – my investigation continues – off to the back hallway I go.  Surprise, Surprise there on the back hallway walls BLOOD – just like the tenant reported.  The tenant believes they kill the animals in the back hallway because that’s where she hears the crying and sees blood then they take the dead animal upstairs and clean it out in the tub.  Hence the clogged sewage line.  Well I check out the bathroom – it is disgusting but no signs of blood or dead animals just a tub full of floating rice and some other food type.  I determine the accused tenants use the tub to wash and prepare their food.  Which would explain the constant drain clogs occurring at this property.  I try my best to explain to them that the tub is only used to wash humans – not food.  That got me nowhere, as they do not understand English, so off to find an interpreter I go.  I document this incident and tell the interpreter whats seems to be going on and that the tenants will have to pay for any more clogs caused by them using the tub for food preparation.  I determine I must monitor this situation closely.

Just when I think the animal cruelty phase is over I get another call, from another tenant in a completely different building.  The tenant states the following  “I went in the basement to flip my breakers and there are dead cats and cat bones all over the floor!  The people upstairs are killing cats.  I went into the backyard and there is a cat cemetery there.  The yard is filled with mounds of raised dirt with sticks pointing out of them.  One of the cats in the basement is half burnt like its been cooked.  I’m going to call the health department if something is not done about this!”  Great my investigation continues – so upon entering the basement we did find a charred cat body and some cat remains.  I had my maintenance guys clean up the basement and remove all cats in every form.  I then visited the accused tenants and there was no sign of cats or any animals in their apartment.  I tried to explain to them that they are not allowed any pets but as usual they spoke no english and there was no translator for them.  What is a landlord suppose to do??? Luckily the accused tenants gave their 30 day notice that they were moving into a house.  I sure don’t look forward to renovating that unit.

I have a feeling that this is not the end of my animal cruelty investigations.  Bottom line is foreigners who come to the states to live need to be well-educated  on the rules, regulations and procedures of living here.  Not to say they can’t practice their cultural lifestyle but knowing whats legal and illegal will go along way.  As for me . . . . . who knows what bones or carcases are lurking around the next property.   I’m just saying.

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